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The Importance of Beginning Recovery From Alcohol Addiction at a Detox and Rehab Centre

People who have been drinking alcohol heavily for years may be scared to quit, partly because they know they are at risk of serious withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, trying to quit gradually by cutting back little by little doesn’t tend to work with alcohol addiction. Spending time in an alcohol rehab and detox centre is one of the best solutions for beginning the path to recovery.

People have trouble quitting gradually because, once they are somewhat intoxicated, they no longer have the same motivation and discipline they did before they took the first drink of the day. This intoxicated person quickly decides to put off cutting back until tomorrow.

Medical Treatment

There are distinct advantages associated with detoxing at a professional centre. Medication and other medical treatment are immediately available if the person needs it. Supervision by medical practitioners makes sure the patient is withdrawing from alcohol safely. Regular alcohol use changes brain chemistry, and sudden withdrawal can cause dangerous symptoms that include delusions, hallucinations, and seizures.

No Alcohol Available

In addition, a person going through withdrawal at home is very susceptible to the urge to drink alcohol to end or reduce unpleasant symptoms. This individual may have cleared all the alcohol out of the home, but there’s usually somewhere to get it when a person is desperate enough.

Time Frame

Physical detoxification from alcohol may take as little as two or three days or longer than a week. Afterward, being in an inpatient program with an organization like Addiction Recovery Centre continues to provide important benefits for someone who has just recently stopped drinking.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

The client will receive guidance and support from the therapists and the rest of the team at the centre. A variety of therapy options are presented, and the person will eventually choose the ones he or she gravitates to the most. Healthy, nutritious food is provided. There are no triggers from real life, such as driving by pubs or the routine of always having drinks with dinner. In an environment like that of ARC, the person learns techniques to prevent a relapse after going home, which is crucial.